Charity Pints Program

The Charity Pints Program is a way for breweries to get involved with our mission to solve the global water crisis. The breweries below give $0.05 for every one of their pints you share with us at Overflow Taps. With $0.25 already being donated, that’s $0.30 a pint going to those in need of clean drinking water. To date, they've raised $361 for clean water. That's awesome!

Are you a brewery interested in joining our mission? Please reach out via our contact page. Cheers to clean water!

Aslan Brewing

When we think of Aslan Brewing, we can't help but think about community. They're entrenched in it. Jack and the rest of the crew have been so helpful as we've grown. They didn't hesitate when we asked them to be a part of our charity pints program. To sum up the team at Aslan... big dreams and big hearts.

  • Location: Bellingham, Washington
  • Our Favorite Beer: Unicorn Picnic
  • Fun Fact: Put your thumb over the lions face in their logo and you'll see a beer hop!
  • Photo Source: Damian Vines Photography
  • Atwood Ales

    An awesome couple in the craft beer industry? That would be Josh and Monica Smith. When we met these two, we simply couldn't help but get wrapped up in their mission. They've become such good friends and huge supporters of our clean water cause.

  • Location: Blaine, Washington
  • Our Favorite Beer: Mo's Saison
  • Fun Fact: Many of their beers contain ingredients from the farm the brewery resides on. Heck, they've even used potatoes!
  • Photo Source: Tap Trail
  • Wander Brewing

    We'll always have a soft spot in our hearts for the folks at Wander Brewing. Chad and Colleen were extremely helpful while we were building our plan to launch Overflow Taps. So it's fitting that they're one of the first breweries to team up with us on this mission. And let's not forget that they have pretty awesome beer as well!

  • Location: Bellingham, Washington
  • Our Favorite Beer: Wild Warehouse
  • Fun Fact: Unknown to some, their logo is actually a paper airplane!
  • Photo Source: Damian Vines Photography
  • North Fork Brewery

    If you've ever visited Mount Baker via the 542, you've likely seen this brewery. It's one of the smallest breweries on the West Coast and truly one of a kind. It's also where our Snack Pack Brown Ale was brewed!

  • Location: Deming, Washington
  • Our Favorite Beer: Snack Pack Brown
  • Fun Fact: Thier head brewer has been known to shred off the roof of his house "Out Cold" style!
  • Podcast: A North Fork Brewery, Augie's Coffee, and Overflow Taps Collaboration
  • Photo Source: Damian Vines Photography
  • Portland Cider Company

  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Our Favorite Cider: Hop’Rageous
  • Fun Fact: Their inspiration came while visiting England and and they use 100% NW grown apples!
  • Photo Source: Portland Cider Company
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