Wine Club

In an effort to bring value to our wine drinkers and provide a new service to help us stay in business during the COVID pandemic, we’re excited to launch a wine club!

*A video of our own is in the works. Until then, we hope this one makes your day.



4 pickups per year
2-6 bottles per pickup
Hard-to-find wines
Exclusive access to more wine
$1 off wine on Wednesdays


Every quarter, we’ll bring in $100 worth of great tasting wine for you to enjoy at home. Your wine will arrive the quarter after you signup and there will be a scheduled pickup week at each location. An example would be, if you signed up in February, your pickup window would be April. The reason for this is because wine inventory is always changing, so we wait until the last few days of a given quarter to order for our members. However, your $1 off wine Wednesday’s starts immediately.

We’ll be hand-selecting wine styles that can range anywhere from 2-6 bottles. Some quarters we may choose a couple of high-end bottles you can’t find on the shelves. Other times we may choose 6 value wines. It’s all about expanding the palate and having access to great tasting wines!

If you happen to reach this far down on the page, text “grape” to +1 (360) 205-9322 and be entered in for a free wine glass. We’ll even supply a little wine.